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Can you complete the word ladder based on Tamora Pierce's The Immortals?

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ClueFour-Letter Word
1) Untamed; ____[Rung 25]: what Daine is called
2) Opposite of spicy
3) 1.61 kilometres
4) Belonging to me
5) Place where coins are made; Flavour of toothpaste
6) A unit for measuring liquid
7) French for bridge
8) A small horse
9) Small bunch of flowers
10) To sit for a portrait, for example
11) Tiny hole in the skin
12) Greater in amount
13) A female horse
14) The red planet
15) Rugs
16) Touches with hand to show affection
17) Vessels for cooking in
18) Groups of dolphins
19) Deities; The Realms of the ____
20) Wanders or roams from place to place
21) Trends
22) Oily substances in foods
23) Destiny
24) A friend, pal etc
25) Wizard, one with magic; [Rung 1]____: what Daine is called
26) A box made of metal bars in which some keep animals
ClueFour-Letter Word
27) Painstaking or watchful attention
28) To heal
29) Brusque, terse
30) A circular domed tent made of skins
31) ____ Gagarin, first human in space
32) Co-commander of the Queen's Riders
33) To be on fire
34) Farmyard building
35) Roughly stitch or mend
36) Projectile used in pub games
37) Segment, piece
38) Saucily free and forward
39) A fuel material made of partially decomposed plants
40) Chair
41) A join in two pieces of fabric
42) To appear
43) That which develops into a plant
44) Raced
45) Imitated
46) Filled with wonder and dread
47) Was in debt
48) Needs to repay
49) Single units
50) Burden of blame
51) Horse-mistress of the Queen's Riders

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