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Can you name the rungs to the Word Ladder: Legend of Beka Cooper?

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ClueFour-Letter Word
Our heroine
The second greek letter
Wooden clubs used in sports
The amount of change
Being mechanical and repetitious in nature
A job for an actor
A fake coin
Any shape that tapers from a circle to a point
Canines; The Provost's Guard
Ten cents
The art of acting without words
Belonging to me
The hair of a lion
Stick to assist with walking
To struggle or deal with
The noise of doves
ClueFour-Letter Word
Where chickens are kept
Yield of produce
Sound of a horse's hooves
To make a sound like falling into water
Secret plan or scheme
Narrow opening for a coin
Black powder found in chimneys
To arrange according to type
Physically painful
Word used to address a king
Past tense of previous rung
Handsome man
To chase or search for
To injure
A male deer
Piece, segment
City where ships unload
Small opening in the skin
To pierce as with a tusk or horn
Involving much bloodshed and violence
Heir to the throne of Tortall
Alert, watchful
ClueFour-Letter Word
Merchandise, goods to sell
The texture or weave of a fabric
A vale or valley
Native of Denmark
A small street
Terra firma
A titled nobleman; Gershom is one
To cross a river or stream
Plural of forum
Scanran hedgewitch, our heroine's friend
Persephone's childhood name
The centre
To be concerned
Poet, minstrel
Feathered animal
Tie up
To become curved or crooked
Part of a necklace
A thin, flat-tipped nail
Toward the mouth
A spoken exam
An iridescent gemstone

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