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Can you complete the word ladder based on Tamora Pierce's Circle of Magic?

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ClueFour-Letter Word
Member of the quartet with weather magic
To cut; Decorative edging
Filled with gloom
Smile showing teeth
To get or achieve
Compensated for work
Beach grain
Fell heavily to the bottom
To arrange according to importance etc
A genus of frog
Hindu prince or king
Member of the quartet with smith magic
____ vu: Seen before
Prefix meaning ten
Pack of cards
To pull someone's pants down
Be without
Songbird; One of the quartet's foster mothers
Lie in wait
Pass the tongue over
Kind, good
Shoe brand
One of the quartet's teachers
El ____: Severe weather event
A number less than 10
Belonging to me
Lion's hair
Wizard, one with magic
Culinary herb; wise person
Identical: the ____
Cost of a bus ride
ClueFour-Letter Word
Golfer's cry
A rich soil
[Rung 20]'s work equipment
Blast noise; with [Rung 84], an explosive material
A type of sturdy footwear
To lock, a door for eg.
The trunk of a tree
Part of the skeleton
Trellis plant
Device to show the direction of the wind
A valley
A large bundle of hay for example
Spherical object
Scoop out water from a boat
Frozen rain
A long corridor
Setting of Dante's Inferno
To cure
Hand out cards
Show the way
To give temporarily
The period of abstinence before Easter
Shreds of fibre
A long, thin mark
A type of tree; Frost____: one of the quartet's teachers
A measure equivalent to 16 fluid ounces
French for bridge
To send by mail
Sit for a portrait
Romantic flower; ____thorn: one of the quartet's foster mothers
ClueFour-Letter Word
An acting job
Rotary motion of an object about its own axis
The part of the cotton plant that contains seeds
A hollow metal device that rings when struck
Hole dug for water
A raised mark on the skin, as from a whip
To dress in
Ursine mammal; Little ____: the quartet's pet dog
Superlative of good
Chest, for a female
Dirt; with [Rung 43], an explosive material
A strong-smelling glandular secretion
Have to
A pirate's stash
Another word for [Rung 92]
To shine
Forcefully exhale through the nose or mouth
An indistinct shapeless form
Bawl like a baby
Depressed; The ____ pox epidemic
Inflammatory disease
An animal related to a sheep
A castle's defense
Non-vegetarian food
The act or time of eating
To mix or blend
A building for grinding grain
____ of the Grain, goddess of the Living Circle

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