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Can you name the Tamora Pierce books by their first sentence?

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Forced Order
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First sentenceBook title
'That is my decision. We need not discuss it,' said the man at the desk.
A magical barrier had separated the Realms of the Gods from the Mortal Realms for over four hundred years.
We buried Holborn today.
The short, plump redhead walked out of the house that belonged to her hostess and looked around, her air that of someone about to embark on a grand adventure.
For centuries it had been called 'fabled Chammur', 'Chammur of the Flaming Heights', and 'Mighty Chammur'.
She was pressed - jammed - into a corner formed by chunks of stone.
I should have known tonight's watch would kiss the mule's bum when Sergeant Ahuda stopped me after baton training.
On a March afternoon a knight and a man-at-arms reached the gates of the Marenite city of Berat.
The wolves of the Long Lake Pack, gorged on a careless mountain sheep, slept as they digested their meal.
First sentenceBook title
She lay with the comfortable black blanket of sleep wrapped around her.
'Hey kid - stop hanging off that rail!' A sailor, one of the women, was yelling at me.
Autumn that year was warm.
Alanna the Lioness, the King's Champion, could hardly contain her glee.
Sunset blazed above Gold Ridge valley in north Emelan, throwing shadows over a company of mounted riders.
Two boy-men sat on the river's eastern bank, where an open-fronted tent gave them shelter from the chilly spring wind.
The copper-haired rider looked at the black sky and swore.
Each year, at the end of March, a great fair was held in Cria, the capital of Galla.

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