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Can you name the fandom vocabulary terms based on the definition? Common acronyms/abbreviations accepted.

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DefinitionFandom Term
A story in which there is a (often major) plot, setting, or character deviation away from established canon
A type of performance art in which fans dress up as characters
A story in which the characters, premises, or settings of more than one fandom coincide
Common plot or character elements that were not established by the original source material, but are generally accepted to be true by the fans anyway
Scenes or moments within the original canon source material that are deliberate nods to the fans
Personal beliefs or interpretations about canon that an author or reader makes to explain or account for some aspect of the actual canon
Stories or ideas previously conceived by fans suddenly becoming canonical because the original source material coincidentally also took the same path
An original character that represents an idealized image of the author
The fact that the characterizations used by an author are not those established by canon standards
An author or reader's preferred relationship pairing between certain characters within a fandom
Stories or comments which contain scenes or information crucial to a specific episode of the canon material, often about major plot points or character developments
Possibly offensive elements of a story which may cause feelings of unease or revulsion in a reader

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