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Can you name the Call of Duty: Black Ops III Zombies Quiz?

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Take more hits
Increased fire rate
Faster reload speed
Revive faster
Carry an extra weapon
Run faster and longer
Increased accuracy/auto-aim to head
Zero explosive damage
Can pick up all of your previous weapons and perks after bleeding out
Can revive yourself
Upgraded version of number 2.
Electricity shocks nearby zombies when reloading
Shows where multiple things are around the map such as perks, mystery box, etc. Also allows to pick up ammo and points when a zombie is killed
Zombies who melee the player are encased in a web and cannot move as well as constantly take damage. Gives 'Widow's Wine Grenades' which provide the same effect. Power up knife

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Created Apr 20, 2016ReportNominate
Tags:black, call, comby, ops, perk

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