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Male albino leonine cleric; uses white magic to boost his allies, searches for the ones who are responsible for the death of his brother
Female human fire-mage; uses red magic to devestate and incinerate her enemies, she rebels against all authority as she searches for treasure
Female human knight; rarely uses her white magic; she only wants to fit in, even if it means all her friends die
Male human warrior-druid; uses green magic to summon powerful creatures to bolster his already brutish strength; he searches for the shadow-mage that cursed him
Male human mind-wizard; uses blue magic to completely dominate his opponent's minds and steal their thoughts; he enjoys maintaining order wherever he is situated
Female elven monarch; uses mostly green magic and a little black to strengthen her elves; she wishes to protect the forest and treasures of her home plane from those who would dest
Male human dragon-shaman; uses red and green magic to channel the power of the dragons at his opponents; he travels the planes, completing missions for his mysterious master
Male vampire aristocrat; uses black magic to do whatever he wants; he is concerned about the prisons of an evil race that he defeated
Male human artificer; uses blue magic to manipulate artifacts; although he's pretty smart, he ends up just failing at life
Male elder dragon; uses black, blue, and red magic to fuel his own foul ends; he just wants to rule the entire universe, that's all
Female undead shadow-mage; uses black magic to raise the dead; she uses an ancient artifact to kill the demons that granted her power

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