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What is the map that is at the base of a hydroelectric pump?Hint: In the question!
How many classes are there?
Name the class from New ZealandHint: He is proven to be from NZ in the comics.
What is the Demoman's last name?
What does scout want spy to help with in Expiration Date the TF2 video?Hint: Romance
What two classes are classified as classes for Newbies when played wrong?
What does scout never use?
Who is officially the dumbest class in the comics and the game?Hint: Dumbest as in idiocy and stupidity.
How old is scout?
What animal appears in 'The End of The Line' Update trailer?
What is the Caffeine Cooler?Hint: What is it in real life?
What is the Engineer's full name?
questionanswerextra hints
Name the Engineer's 4 Building options.Hint: In order with commas and spaces EG: Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey
What is the creator of TF2's Name?
What is the company that created TF2 called?
Who is the only class that has a speech line in the End of The Line trailer?
Who is the medic voiced by in the End of The Line trailer?Hint: Youtuber
What is in the bread in Expiration Date?
How long did Soldier teleport bread for?
A bucket of _______. Finish the sentenceHint: Scout eats it in Expiration Date
What USA state is Engineer from?Hint: His strong accent is a hint!
What is the Chocolate bar item called?
Why is The Sandvich not called Sandwich?

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