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Forced Order
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How many pairs of chromosomes do cats have?
How many more humans live in the United States than domestic cats in 2016 (Max Estimate)?
How many teeth does an adult cat have?
How old was the oldest cat in years?
How many breeds of cats are recognized by the International Progressive Cat Breeders Alliance as of 2016?
How many chromosomes do cats have?
How many cats do I have? (Hint: Profile)
How old do cats, on average, live in years?
As of 2016, how many years has it been since cats were first domesticated?
How many domestic cats live in the United States as of 2016 (Max Estimate)?
As of 2016, how many U.S. presidents had cats?
How many more cats are their in the United States than dogs in 2016 (Max Estimate)?

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