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What is the name of Arwen’s horse?Flight to the Ford
What color is Arwen’s dress when she meets Aragorn at his coronation?
In the following quote, what is Arwen referring to? “I do not fear them.”
“There is still __________.”
What does Arwen say when she compares the Evenstar to her heart?
What does Arwen call her father?Elvish for “father”
“I choose __________ life.”
“__________. Keep it.”Evenstar
How does Elrond know that Arwen has chosen to stay in Middle Earth with Aragorn?Hands
“What __________ is given me; let it pass to him [Frodo]. Let him be spared. Save him.”
“You [Elrond] saw my __________.”
What color is Asfaloth?Flight to the Ford
What does Arwen’s Evenstar necklace represent?
To whom is Arwen speaking: “Your time will come. You will face the same evil and you will defeat it.”
“If you want him, __________!”
What does Arwen say when Aragorn tells her that their relationship “was a dream…nothing more.”
“Some things are certain, if I leave him [Aragorn] now, __________.”
During the flight to the ford, Arwen says, “Noro lim, Asfaloth, noro lim!” What is the English translation?
“From the ashes, a fire shall be woken. A light from the shadow shall spring; __________. The crownless again shall be king.”Andúril
“What’s this? __________ his guard?”
What color are the sleeves of Arwen’s dress, when she tells her father that she has chosen a mortal life.
“This was my choice. Ada, whether by your will or not, __________.”Valinor
“I wish I could have __________.”Palantír
During a dream, Arwen tells Aragorn, “Ae ú-esteliach nad, estelio han, estelio amen.” What is the English translation?First half: “If you trust nothing else,…”
True/False: Galadriel is Arwen’s grandmother.
“I would rather share one lifetime with you than __________.”

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