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House Padma Patil is in
Birth place of Harry Potter
Neville takes ..... to the Yule Ball
Hermione appoints ....... as treasurer of S.P.E.W
Fruit you tickle to enter the Hogwart's kitchens
Lavender Brown's rabbit
Occupation of Hermione's parents
Magical creature bred from the crossing of a fire crab & manticore
Password to prefects bathroom
Who else other than Ron, is known to have recieved a Howler
The Dursley's christmas present to Harry in his second year
Cho Chang's position on the Ravenclaw quidditch team
Ron's owl
Date of Nearly Headless Nick's death day party
Colin Creevey's brother
Crouch's house elf
Gildery Lockhart's favourite colour
Bulgarian Quidditch World Cup mascots
Harry Potter's favourite dessert
Percy's girlfriend

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