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Pre-Great Hyperspace War
*Status is disputed, also labeled as 'Sith King' 
*He and his followers, after being exiled from known space, subjugated and inter-bred with the Sith race on Ziost. 
*Thought to be the forbearer of the 'Darth' title. First known to discover the ability to cheat death by transferring one's essence into another vessel. 
*One of the rulers of the early Sith Empire, after the use of lightsabers became prevalent. 
*His death marked the end of the 'Golden Age' of the Sith Empire. He was a half-breed of sith/human. 
*chosen by part of the Sith Council in opposition to Ludo Kressh. Also responsible for the creation of the Massassi on Yavin IV. 
*chosen by part of the Sith Council in opposition to Naga Sadow 
*'Inherited' control of the Sith forces after Sadow was trapped and fled. 
Post-Great Hyperspace War
*Slayed his Jedi Master, Matta Tremayne, then fled to Yavin IV and apprenticed himself to Naga Sadow. 
*Created the first double-bladed lightsaber in Republic territory and the first to wield it against a Jedi in millenia. 
*'Inherited' control of the Sith after Exar Kun's defeat 
*Although in Knights of the Old Republic, you could play this character as evil, canon states he rejoined the Jedi Order and defeated the Sith Empire that he, himself, had established during the Mandalorian Wars and the Jedi Civil War. 
*Betrayed his master during the Jedi Civil War and was eventually defeated by his master. 
*In Knights of the Old Republic 2, she was your tutor and was later revealed to be a Sith. 
*This Sith Lord was quite literally cracked. 
*Reigned as Dark Lord of the Sith after the Jedi Civil War. Survived a Mass Shadow Generator superweapon which left him with a 'hunger' for Force energy that began to ravage his body. 
*Born 3,500 years before the Clone Wars. Before falling to the dark side of the Force, he was a revered Jedi Master. 
*Founded the New Sith Empire. 
*Sith Lord during the New Sith Wars. Took his name from a corrupted Sith manuscript the identified Revan. 
*She was a changling that reigned for 20 years during the Sictis Wars. 
Ruusan Campaign/Battle of Ruusan
*United the various Sith warlords together and started the Ruusan campaign and created the 'thought bomb' in the Seventh Battle of Ruusan. 
*The rule of a sole 'Dark Lord of the Sith' ended and at the time of the Ruusan compaign, there were a total of twenty-six Sith Lords, with him being most dominate behind Kaan. 
Reformed Order/Old Republic
*Reformed the entire Sith Order with the 'Rule of Two'. 
*Young girl who became the first apprentice of the reformed order after she was discovered in the aftermath of the 'thought bomb'. 
*Female Iktochi assassin who became the 2nd apprentice under the reformed order. 
*Three-eyed Human mutant who broke the 'Rule of Two'. 
*Though a proponent of the dark side, his self-discipline and pre-existing code of ethics allowed him to remain fair and ballanced without succumbing to the lure of power that plagued many of the Sith Lords who proceded him. 
*Was a master of midi-chlorian manipulation and was obsessed with eternal life. 
Clone Wars
*Rose from senator to chancellor to emperor. If that's not a hint, I don't know what is. 
*Had his butt kicked by Obi-Wan after killing Qui-Gon. 
*Qui-Gon Jinn's master and curved-handle lightsaber fiend. 
*Whiny, petulant teenager becomes anger-driven badass. 
New Republic
*She was one of Vader's sith apprentices and served as an Emperor's Hand. 
*While never actually rising to the title of Sith Lord, he was the last apprentice for a 30 year gap before the fall of Jacen. 
*Self-proclaimed under the influence of Exar Kun(possessed). 
Legacy Era (Post-Yuuzhan Vong)
*Betrayed his family, his friends, and the entire Jedi Order to champion a reign of terror as he tried to bring 'order and stability' to a fractured galaxy. 
*Most recent (chronologically) Sith Lord known. 

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