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Killed Kevan Lannister
Place was discovered as a hideout from the dragonlords of valyria
Who convinced Aegon to take Westeros without Daenerys Targaryen
Quietly practices the sword with Jaime Lannister
Who is a 14 foot tall vegetarion
Which Sand Snake is known for poisons
What killed the Mountain
Name the two swords forged from Ice
Scholar who wrote about the 16 wonders of the world
Place where the stones seem to drink away the sunlight
Two people that killed Joffrey
Who is the Greenseerbloodraven
What did Randyll Tarly do to his son when Sam told him that he wanted to become a Maester
Aegon the V's devout brother
Who currently carries the legendary valyrian sword Dawn
who forged the iron throne
Who helps teach jon the old tongue
Kingsguard who brought a gift of justice to dorne
Last person to carry the valyrian steel sword Dark Sister
Who shows Davos where Rickon is

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