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Can you name the characters from the Touhou Project series?

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You've got quite a _____partment.
Cinnamon _____
Sugar_____ is delicious.
_____ up!
Every kayaker knows that water that's _____s the boat.
_____ _____ Chen
I _____ to the store to pick up some flour.
_____ her when she's too sleepy to walk herself.
That lazy girl _____er around too much.
Those _____leles aren't going to play themselves!
Because of our team's dice-rolling for_____ barely pulled off a win.
When there's s_____rdinarily there's fire.
The owner of the _____ and tried again, but just couldn't increase marionette sales.
_____ out those wrinkles, will you?
Grow more thick pasta for a net _____
When we saw the crazy danmaku, we were _____t also on edge.
B_____ds are beautiful flowers with striking scarlet petals.

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