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LyricsSong Name
So you can keep the necklace that I gave to you, I'll keep the **** tattoos
Gazes meeting in the middle of a dance floor, My lips anticipating,Come here and move it, baby, show me what you're made for, Oh, so long that I've been waiting
You can catch me on the speedtrain, Beeper in a three-way
I've got five fingers on each hand for every mistake that I've made
I think I should know, how, to make love to something innocent without leaving my fingerprints out
Perfectly clean, he was a well oiled machine, There was a never a wrench thrown into the gears
So hold me close tiny dancer
In Russia, Japan, Brazil, Spain, Everywhere I go they seem to scream the same name
And I dont wanna be, If you dont take me home
I'll be the one who takes all the blame, Going down, down in flames
I can be your dad, Actually I probably am
I said no more teachers, And no more books
We hit the high hats and make it clap, We wear plaid after labor day and still get ass
I think I've been here before, I think I've run into you
Tongue in cheek till a hole burns out her mouth
I mean what can I say, Three babies in the backseat singin' to you
I got yo' dogs on a collar balla, So how you like that?
LyricsSong Name
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Party
Tell your boyfriend if he says hes got beef, That I'm a vegetarian and I ain't **** scared of him
I broke free, cast away, Won't find me, And now your never gonna break me down, gonna break me down, This is all I can take, so farewell cause your never gonna find me now, gonna f
She can heal you with the tip of her tongue, & She's been eating children like the wolves eat their young
This ain't a love song, This ain't a broken heart homie singin' only 'cause he's lonely
If you gots a neat stash, And if you roll up on some cash, And if your momma's in the back, And you know I got the bass bat
'Cause this life is anything but certain, When they close the final curtain, You'll get a glimpse of the truth
We know the most crunk indie, city choking chimney sweepers, Turn up your radio, the song we play will blow the speakers
You always hand in on a safe bet, Walking a tight rope with a safety net
He was born in a stable, it was on the same label
When I come up in the club, I'm talking mad ****, Come up in the club I'm 'bout to get my ass kicked
Why would I show up? Just to see what I cant have?
I'm thinking maybe I can't have relationships, 'Cause lately they're not making any sense, and baby you're the one thing on my mind and that can change anytime
Cause some like fast and some like slow, Ladies come and ladies go
I went to pick up the parts, The doctor's hiding the charts, He won't let me see this side of you
These lazy days are way too long, Like razor blades, under your tongue

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