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Name one country in South Asia
What is the main religion in South Asia ?
Name the other major religion in South Asia
What is the biggest difference in Hindu than other religions
Name one of the three main Hindu Gods ?
Name the Holiest river to Hindus ?
What is one of the major beliefs in that Hindus believe in that other religions do not
What one cause slums ?
Which city in India are most slums located ?
What effect does urbanization have on jobs ?
Name one living condition of slums
Name one of the river that flows through the middle east
Name one reason why people are nomads in the Middle East
What language is the Quran written ?
Name one of the five pillars of Islam
Name the pillar in which islams do pilgrimage to Mecca
Which city was Muhammad forced to go to
Which country has most of the world's oil reserves ?
What angel gave the word the God to Muhammad to write

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