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A-Z, consoles featured are SNES, Nintendo 64, GameCube, Play Station 1 and Game Boy Advance

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A: Character collects items in real-time with no obvious goal in the game
B: Honeybear and rude musical bird live on Spiral Mountain
C: Goofy hero fights Neo Cortex and collects crystals
D: A banana-crazy monkey must stomp crocodile king
E: Young boy develops telekinetic powers in SNES classic
F: The original RPG with hundreds of possible character combinations (and sequels)
G: Standard racing game
H: Restore and maintain a farm that has fallen into disrepair
J: Games based off Ian Flemming's popular spy novels and movie adaptations
K: Series with Disney characters
L: Green plumber deals with ghosts in large house
M: Female bounty hunter fights aliens
N: Another standard racing game
O: Green hero wields time controlling instrument
P: Animal abuse has never been so fun
R: Spooky zombie game
S: Nintendo's best fight each other
T: Dangerous cars destroy each other
V: Riskbreaker investigates cult in Play Station classic
W: Turn based game with gun happy worms
X: Games based off Marvel comics
Y: Mario's pet gets his own game
Z: Save neighbors from zombies

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