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A: Indian burial grounds are not to be disturbed
B: Homicidal lady with a broomstick
C: Orchestrated sacrifice gone wrong
D: Take refuge in a mall
E:girl in need of jesus
F: Unlucky day for horny teenagers
G:deadly brother and sister
H: Family member returns home for holiday
I: He knows
J: Hungry monster awakens to terrorize teens
K: Black and white beast falls in love with screaming woman
L: Wrong house
M:book adaptation with depressing ending
N: 'One, two, wish you had a better clue..'
O: Apostate of Satan
P: Started the fear of showers
Q: Royalty of the dead
R: 7 days
T: Disgusting family dinners
U: Werewolves and vampires, Not Twilight
V: Motel murder porn
W:Should have asked for directions
Z: Based on San Francisco killer
#: Angry British citizens assault compound

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