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Lansing is the capital of this American state
80's metal band responsible for the albums Ride The Lightning, Kill 'Em All, and Master of Puppetts
Location of the 1976 summer Olympics
Fictional monsters based in Egypt
Puppets created by Jim Henson
Roman counterpart to Ares
Extinct elephant
Powerhouse of the cell.
Religious location used for prayer, also houses monks
Villain from X-Men who controls metal
Legendary heavyweight boxer who famously declared himself a pacifist
Volcano which destroyed Pompeii
Detective story from Edgar Allen Poe
Lord of the Rings location where Gandalf the Grey perishes
One of the top universities in the world, located in Massachusetts
Piano Sonata No. 14, from Beethoven
Actor starring in Wanted, Shawshank Redemption, and
This Jewish passage of rights is preceded by either 'bar' or 'bat'
bottle-based improvised incendiary weapons
Artist responsible for the Statue of David and the Sistine Chapel
Undisputed greatest basketball player of all time
Underlings from the Despicable Me franchise
New York baseball team, not the Yankees
Animated film featuring Sulley and Mike Wazowski
Capital of Russia
Revolutionary civil rights leader who joined the Nation of Islam

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