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The final film in the original Star Wars trilogy
Reptile who's tail emits a vibrating sound
Location of mass genocide of Tutsie and Hutu people
Canadian progressive band featuring Geddy Lee, Neil Peart, and Alex Lifeson
Batman's partner
Islamic holy month of fasting
The famous 'Christ The Redeemer' statue is located in which Brazilian city?
New York has 2 NHL teams, the Islanders and ___
Debut film from Quentin Tarantino
Poem written by Edgar Allen Poe involving a bird visiting a distraught lover
European river that begins in the Swiss canton of Graub√ľnden and empties into the North Sea
A symbol of power, debauchery and lust, this Russian was an influential figure and friend of Tsar Nicholas II.
Antagonist of a Brothers Grimm tale involving a girl who's hair turns to gold
___ and Stimpy
Augustus' memoirs and will were known as:
Which chemical element has the symbol Ra?
The boxing match between George Foreman and Muhammad Ali was known as what?
Who is the brown wizard in The Lord of the Rings?
Television series starring Stephanie Zimbalist and Pierce Brosnan in a detective agency
WWE program appearing on Monday nights
Oakland's NFL team
Egyptian artifact used to translate hieroglyphics
Scientific term for the stiffening of limbs upon death
Long poem by Samuel Taylor Coleridge where a sailor tells of his lengthy voyage at sea

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