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A-Z, general knowledge will be quizzed, subjected to movies, music, history, sports, games, science and geography.

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A: Indestructible metal in the X-Men universe
B: Gimli's cousin who died in Moria
C: Novel by Arthur C. Miller
D: A hypothetical, unseen and unfelt substance that may account for most matter in the universe
E: Quarterback for the New York Giants
F: Better known as the Roman Colosseum
G: G: Biologically harmful form of radiation, responsible for The Hulk
H: The center of emotion and memory in the brain
I: Magneto, Gandalf
J: I got 99 problems, but this hint ain't one
K: Superman's weakness
L: Also known as nitrous oxide
M: Han Solo's spaceship
N: One billionth of a second
O: Sultan Osman I ruled over what is now modern-day Turkey
P: Manny Pacquiao's nickname
Q: The Hunchback of Notre Dame
R: Quentin Tarantino's first film
S: A being of pure terror. Tall and skinny
T: Name of Robespierre's guillotine era in France
U: Name of the punctuation symbol that puts two periods over a letter. Very popular in German language
V: Carnivorous plant that feasts mainly on flies
W: Napoleon's final defeat
X: The fear of strangers and outsiders
Y: Beatle's song turned into a movie
Z: Chemical element bearing the atomic number 30

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