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A-Z, general knowledge will be quizzed, subjected to movies, music, history, sports, games, science and geography.

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A: Octavian changed his name to this upon becoming Emperor of Rome
B: Two cowboys bond over love of sheep (and love)
C: Jordan and Pippen led this team to 6 NBA championships
D: The first part of the 14th century epic 'The Divine Comedy'
E: African country defended against Italian invasion
F: In an ecosystem, the collection of animal life found at any time is called _____
G: 1863 speech from Abraham Lincoln
H: TV show with iconic character Arthur Fonzarelli
I: NFL team based in Lucas Oil Stadium
J: Classic fairy tale involving a giant
K: Former capital of Russia, destroyed by Mongols in 1240
L: In the equation E=mc2, energy and mass is reliant on
M: In Monopoly, this property is located next to Baltic Avenue
N: Seattle-based grunge pioneers
O: Political system in which power is shared by a small group
P: Novel by Oscar Wilde featuring an aging portrait
Q: Canadian province
R: Fictional home of Elrond
S: MLB team formerly known as the New York Gothams
T: Middle name of Captain James T. Kirk
U: Undead wrestler with longest Wrestlemania winning record
V: Country with the most murders in the world
W: Novel containing anthropomorphic rabbits
X: King of Persia
Y: Christian Bale must have Russell Crowe on a train heading where?
Z: Link saves this princess in multiple games

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