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Can you name the Fictional Characters? Movies, literature, television, mythology, video games, and other platforms are included.

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A: Betrayed James Bond and M-16. Also known as Janus
B: Shape shifting bear
C: I've got a golden ticket
D: Greek god of wine
E: Powerful female lead kills aliens
F: Anthropomorphic rooster
G: Maverick's best friend
H: Mark Twain's less clever Southern creation
I: Call me _______
J: The original vampire hunter
K: His wrath is legendary
L: Disgusting family dinner
M: This hint is elementary
N: Telekinetic protagonist of Earthbound
O: White blood cell cop
P: Not nice to fool with mother nature, or Uma Thurman
Q: Skull ripping sorcerer in a fighting tournament
R: Grandfather of Morty
S: Younger brother in a gorgeous paranormal fighting team
T: Hasta la vista
U: Eight-legged opera singer
V: He shot Marvin in the face
W: Really angry tree
X: Warrior Princess
Y: Fabricated North American legend- goes by many names
Z: Often mistaken for protagonist of popular video game

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