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Can you name the scary features of the Slenderman?

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What does SlenderMan excrete on his victims?
How does SlenderMan travel to our realm?
How many people died in the Salem witch trials?
Who refused to quit f***ing around out there?
Who was the boy that documented the SlenderMan before he disappeared?
Where was Mr. Harvey interviewed?
The Slenderman is a cause of what for youth and elderly alike?
Earliest documentation of SlenderMan?
What clothes does the SlenderMan wear?
Will we ever stop SlenderMan?
What typical human features does the SlenderMan lack?
How does SlenderMan catch his prey, no matter how fast you run or drive?
How hot was it the day Mr. Harvey saw Slenderman?
Sightings of the Slenderman began when?
Which website will help you defeat Slenderman in real life?
What caused Slenderman sightings to go through the roof?
What sound did the Slenderman make?
A theory suggests Slenderman is claiming souls for:
Do you believe in Slenderman?
You cannot rest knowing Slenderman is watching, waiting, _______
Always check for what?
What household item helps slow down the Slender process?
What is the name of Slenderman's minion?

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