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A-Z, can you name the answers for these Greek/Roman places, things and people?

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A: Friend of Achilles, known for his size
B: One of many involved in the assassination of Caesar
C: Christianity's last capital
D: Nero's most extravagant house
E: Greek poet (tragedy) who wrote Orestes and Medea
F: Wife of Emperor Antoninus Pius
G: People who make their living (or death) entertaining a crowd
H: Roman Emperor who built a defensive structure to keep out the Scots
I: Epic concerning parts of the Trojan War
J: Brought about the end of the Roman Republic
K: Youngest Titan who dethroned his father and was eventually dethroned by his own son
L: Instrument used by Apollo
M: Alexander the Great hailed from this Hellenistic Empire
N: Poseidon's Roman version
O: Central figure in a Homerian epic who used wit and intelligence as a weapon
P: Military formation wherein you shielded the person next to you and held a spear above
Q: Helen was ____
R: Either of the founders of Rome
S: Greek city emerges victorious in Peloponnesian War
T: Political union of three prominent Romans
U: One of the oldest cities in the world, now located roughly in modern day Iraq
V: Only Emperor ever to be taken as a prisoner of war
W: Poem written by Greek poet Hesiod
X: Student of Socrates who wrote about the final four years of the Peloponnesian War
Y: Pliny/Cato the _______
Z: Greek God of thunder

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