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First WordCompound WordSecond Word
not deaththe fourth dimension
large or magnificentfather's counterpart
Earth's only natural satelliteit is made up of photons
_____ heroesextremely large
opposite of beforemidday
a green citrus fruitrock
a large streamwhere you go to deposit money
what comes after lightninghurricane, squall, tornado, blizzard, e.g.
what bees makemoisture found on the grass in the morning
a defensive army settlementnot day
you need one to open a lockyou can dig one in the ground
the color of obsidiannot in
H2Othe thing that connects two points
precipitationdevice used for propelling arrows
not nightwhat some people have at night (singular)
winter precipitationto float aimlessly
they produce woolwhat a hide is
synonym for sadmany churches have one in the tower
Sol, Errai, Polaris, Sirius, e.g.they swim and have gils
what guillotines would chop off (singular)Earth: 75% water, 25% ______

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