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Can you name the missing words in these line from The Midsummer Night's Dream?

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LineMissing WordAct, Scene, and Character Speaking
Four Days will quickly steep themselves in _________Act 1 Scene 1, Hippolyta
This man hath bewitched the _______ of my childAct 1 Scene 1, Egeus
Brief as the _________ in the collied nightAct 1 Scene 1, Lysander
____ looks not with the eyes but with the mindAct 1 Scene 1, Helena
Upon faint ________ beds were wont to lieAct 1 Scene 1, Hermia
Answer as I call you. Nick ______, the weaver.Act 1 Scene 2, Quince
What is Pyramus---a lover or a ______?Act 1 Scene 2, Bottom
Nay, faith, let not me play a _____Act 1 Scene 2, Flute
Have you the ___'s part written?Act 1 Scene 2, Snug
Some of your French ______ have no hair at allAct 1 Scene 2, Quince
Farewell, thou lob of _______. I'll be goneAct 2 Scene 1, Fairy
By fountain clear, or spangled _________ sheenAct 2 Scene 1, Robin
Ill met by moonlight, proud _______Act 2 Scene 1, Oberon
Playing on pipes of ____ and versing loveAct 2 Scene 1, Titania
The ________ autumn, the angry winter, changeAct 2 Scene 1, Titania
Some ___ with reremice for their leathern wingsAct 2 Scene 2, Titania
Wake when some ____ thing is nearAct 2 Scene 2, Oberon
So then two bosoms and a single _____Act 2 Scene 2, Lysander
What wicked and dissembling _____ of mineAct 2 Scene 2, Helena
To pluck this crawling _______ from my breastAct 2 Scene 2, Hermia
LineMissing WordAct, Scene, and Character Speaking
You can never bring in a ____Act 3 Scene 1, Snout
Bless thee, Bottom, bless thee! Thou art__________!Act 3 Scene 1, Quince
And they shall fetch thee ______ from the deepAct 3 Scene 1, Titania
What _____ wakes me from my flow'ry bed?Act 3 Scene 1, TItania
A hog, a headless bear, sometime a ____Act 3 Scene 1, Robin
My mistress with a _______ is in loveAct 3 Scene 2, Robin
Being o'er shoes in _____, plunge in the deepAct 3 Scene 2, Hermia
As yonder ______ in her glittering sphereAct 3 Scene 2, Demetrius
A _______ fail, confounding oath on oathAct 3 Scene 2, Robin
About the wood go swifter than the ____Act 3 Scene 2, Oberon
And stick muskroses in thy sleek smooth ____Act 4 Scene 1, Titania
With _______ of fresh and fragrant flowersAct 4 Scene 1, Oberon
My love shall hear the music of my ______Act 4 Scene 1, Theseus
As the remembrance of an idle ____Act 4 Scene 1, Demetrius
These couples shall eternally be ____Act 4 Scene 1, Theseus
Lovers and manmen have such seething ______Act 5 Scene 1, Hippolyta
That is ___ ice and wondrous strange snowAct 5 Scene 1, Thesus
He bravely broached his boiling bloody ______Act 5 Scene 1, Quince
Since lion hath here __________ my dearAct 5 Scene 1, Bottom
This man with ____ and roughcast doth presentAct 5 Scene 1, Quince

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