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What song is playing as the Angels fight 'creepy thin man'?
What fish does Bosley dare to eat at the party?
Finish the quote 'the rules are......'
What does Alex Bake?
And who says it?
What is Alex's boyfriend called?
What song does Nathalie dance to on her date with Pete?
What game is being played in the Bosley household?
Where is Eric Knox's castle?
What bird leads the Angels to Knox's castle?
Was it 'the Chad'?
What does Dylan spell out on the scrabble board?
Who are the two Bosley actors?
What flavour surf-wax are they looking for on the beach?
On a scale of 1-10, how rough does Nathalie look when shes dressed as a coroner?
What is on Nathalie's favourite underpants?
What does the employee of Red Star think should be free?
What does Dylan order at the drive through?
What is Dylan's real name?
Where does Alex's dad think she works?
What does Alex's boyfriend think her job is?
When Dylan imagine's she is the last original angel, who has replaced Alex and Nathalie?
How do Dylan and Alex remember the initials 'JD'?
Which LA hotel does Seamus go to to meet Madison?
After the Angel's have been shot off the roof by Madison, what is the first thing Alex says?
Name the two things Alex was really good at as a child

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