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Can you name the Gryffindor Common Room Passwords from the Harry Potter books?

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refraining from indulging a desire or an appetite
there's also a board game with this name
food item - a fruit deep fried
head snake in latin (snake head)
a watery porridge made with plums
a tiny magical humanoid with wings and illuminations
flighty, gossipy or whimsical person
Password CluePassword
Fortune or luck and then large or great in latin
A H.P. plant that squirts stinksap - Neville has one
an interjection, something like gadsbodikins
swine nose
how are you? or What are you thinking of? in latin
a disease caused by vitamin C deficiency and a base or cowardly person (it's all pirate talk)
an intestinal parasite
Any of several honeyeaters (birds) of the genus Anthochaera, having wattles on either side of the head

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