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Class, TribeAnswerStats
Guardian Root Plant1/5. Team-up. When a zombie hurts this: move that zombie to the left. If it's a Vimpire, destroy it.
Guardian Corn Animal Plant3/2. Amphibious. Hunt.
Guardian Fruit Plant0/1. When played: Move a Zombie to this lane. When destroyed: Do 3 damage to a Zombie here.
Guardian Nut Plant0/4. This plant attacks with it's health instead of attack.
Guardian Fruit Animal Plant1/1. When destroyed: Make a 5/4 Grizzly Pear with Amphibious here
Guardian Leafy Pinecone TrickDestroy a zombie with 4 attack or more.
Guardian Flower Plant2/6. Team-Up. When played behind a Plant, this becomes 6/2
Guardian Token Fruit Animal Plant5/4. Amphibious.
Kabloom Flower Plant2/2. When this does damage, it gets +1/0.
Kabloom Berry Plant1/1. This gets +1/0 when another berry does damage. When played: Conjure a berry.
Kabloom Flower Plant3/1. When played: Do 1 damage to the Zombie Hero for each Plant.
Kabloom Berry Plant0/5. After combat here: Do 6 damage to a random Zombie or the Zombie Hero.
Mega-Grow Bean Pea Plant1/1. When played: Shuffle two Clique Peas into your deck. For the rest of the game, all Clique Peas get +1/1.
Mega-Grow Flower Plant1/3. When you play another Plant on the Heights, that Plant gets +2/2.
Mega-Grow Banana Plant4/4. When destroyed: Make 2/2 Half Bananas next door.
Mega-Grow Leafy Plant1/4. When played: Conjure an event card. Plucky Clover gets +1/0 equal to that card's cost.
Mega-Grow Token Banana Plant2/2.
Smarty Flower Plant2/1. Amphibious. You can tap Gravestones to see which Zombies are hiding in them.
Smarty Flower Plant2/3. Amphibious. When this damages the zombie hero: Conjure a corn, squash, or bean.
Smarty Mushroom Nut Plant3/3. When a Zombie Trick is played, do 2 damage to the Zombie Hero.
Smarty Leafy Animal Plant3/2. Amphibious. Start of turn: Make another Snake Grass in the lane to the right.
Smarty Leafy Berry Plant4/1. Amphibious. When played: Freeze Zombies next door.
Smarty Pinecone Tree Plant5/3. When played: Make a Sappy Place Environment.
Smarty Token EnvironmentZombies here get -3/0.
Solar Mushroom Plant0/2. Start of Turn: You get +1 sun this turn and this transforms into a Sunnier-Shroom.
Class, TribeAnswerStats
Solar Squash Plant2/3. Strikethrough. This gets +1/0 when it hurts the Zombie Hero.
Solar Mushroom Animal Plant4/4. When played: Destroy a Zombie here with 4 strength or less. Start of turn: You get +1 sun this turn.
Solar Token Mushroom Plant0/3. Start of Turn: You get +2 this turn.
Beastly Professional TrickBounce a zombie, and it gets +3/3.
Beastly Gourmet Sports Zombie1/1. Frenzy. Start of Tricks: This gets +1/1 and moves to a random lane.
Beastly Dancing Sports Zombie2/2. When played: This zombie copies the attack and health of another zombie.
Beastly Gourmet Mustache Zombie3/5. This heals to full and gets +0/2 when it destroys a plant.
Beastly Gourmet Gargantuar Zombie6/6. Frenzy. When a Gargantuar destroys a Plant, Conjure a Gourmet card.
Brainy Imp Zombie2/2. When played: Shuffle two Pots of Gold into your deck.
Brainy Party Zombie3/2. When Played: Each player draws two cards.
Brainy Gourmet Zombie2/3. When you play your first Trick each turn, Conjure a Treat.
Brainy Token TrickDraw three cards
Crazy Imp Zombie4/2. When played: Do 1 damage to a Plant. That Plant has 0 attack this turn.
Crazy Imp Zombie1/2. When hurt: Make a Smashing Gargantuar in a random lane.
Crazy Pet Gargantuar Zombie6/4. When hurt: Make a Mystery Egg in a random lane.
Crazy Token Gourmet Zombie0/2. Start of Tricks: Transform this into a random zombie that costs 2 brains or less.
Crazy Token Gourmet TrickA Zombie gains +2/0.
Hearty Science Zombie2/3. Gargantuars cost 2 brains less.
Hearty TrickAll Zombies get +1/1 and Frenzy. Shuffle three Going Viral cards into your deck. Draw a card.
Hearty Imp Pet Zombie2/2. When destroyed: Gain a Leftovers.
Hearty Dancing Zombie3/4. Armored 1. Plants can't do bonus attacks.
Hearty Sports Gargantuar Zombie6/5. Armored 1. Plant Tricks cost 2 sun more.
Hearty Token Gourmet TrickA zombie gets +0/2.
Hearty Token Gourmet TrickAll zombies gets +1/1.

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