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Can you name the movies based on these plot haikus?

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John Travolta stars/In Scientology flop./All hail Lord Xenu!
Cult movie standard./Susan Sarandon gets touched./Let's do the Time Warp!
Jim Carrey is God./Well really he's just subbing/For Morgan Freeman.
Stone uncrosses legs/Millions enter puberty./Sequel 'wins' Razzies.
Dumb guy falls in love/With woman who dies from AIDS./Box of chocolates.
Scorsese's remake/Of 'Infernal Affairs' earns/Overdue Oscar.
Teen girl gets pregnant./Still way cooler than all the/**** on MTV.
Mel makes the public/Think he's an anti-Semite./Fears later confirmed.
Want to stop terror?/Sing 'America, F**k Yeah!'/Over and over.
Nineteen sixty-nine's/Best Picture is X-rated./Oddly apropos.
Orange is a rat./Mexican Standoff kills most./Cop loses an ear.
Oompa Loompas dance./Gene Wilder gives out candy./Creepy boat ride scene.
Lindsay Lohan rules/Shallow high school social scene./'Fetch' will not happen.
The world is ending./Seth Rogen's plan of action?/'Let's do all the drugs!'
Silent film homage/Wins Oscars even though dog/Is better actor.
Farrow's a horned horse./Alan Arkin's a wizard./America sings.
Civil War romance./Longest Best Picture winner./Dress is made from drapes.
Is it just a dream?/Or is it reality?/Spin Chris Nolan's top!
Darth Vader rises./Padme loses will to live/In childbirth. Really?!
Steve Carell gets laid./Judd Apatow makes millions./AAAAAHHH! KELLY CLARKSON!
Comedy classic./Belushi in a toga./What more could you want?
Trash compactor bot/Falls in love with sleek scout bot./It's adorable.
James Cagney is killed/By an exploding gas tank./'Top of the world, Ma!'
Michael Bay ruins/Everybody's childhood with/Cars and explosions.
Wallace frees Scotland./England captures him and then/Draws and quarters him.

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