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QUIZ: Can you name the Proto-Indo-European body parts and organs oto-Indo-European animals in English, given another Indo-E?

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PIEEnglishOther language
*h₃dóntsLatin: dentis
*dn̥ǵʰwéh₂sLithuanian: liežuvis
*kaput-Old Norse: haufuð
*h₃ews-Gothic: auso
*bʰardʰeh₂-Russian: борода (borodá)
*pṓdsSanskrit: pāda
*krew-Latin: cruor
*ḱḗrPolish: serce
*pisdaLatvian: pīzda
*nas-Dutch: neus
PIEEnglishOther language
*men-Latin: manus
*h₃ers-German: Arsch
*h₃ekʷ-Sanskrit: akṣan
*leb-Latin: labĭum
*h₃es-Latin: ōs
*plewmōAncient Greek: pleumōn
*h₂erm-Gothic: arms
*ḱer-Latin: cerĕbrum
*eh₃l-Russian: локоть (lókot’)
*h₃enogʰ-German: Nagel

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