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Pippin: His Life and Times

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What is the opening number?
What phrase does the Leading Player open the show with?
'We've got magic to do, just for you...
What are not Pippin's 'idea of a perfect day'?
Who is Pippin's half-brother?
What is Theo's pet?
Who choreographed and directed the musical Pippin?
What three things are described in the song 'Glory'?
'Charlemagne, you lead us all to...
'Keep cool as...
Who does Pippin sing 'Love Song' with?
True or False: Pippin won the Tony-award for Best Revival of a musical in 2013
'Well I'll sing you the story of a sorrowful lad...
What song closes Act I?
The Leading Player wants Pippin to think about 'this' in the Finale
What five things are presented in 'Magic to Do'
What is the theme of the 2013 Pippin revival?
Who portrayed the leading player in the 2013 Pippin revival?
True or False: The Leading Player is the only role to has gotten the Best Actor Tony-award by a male and female lead
'Rivers belong where they can ramble...
'Time to take time, for spring will turn to

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