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Can you name the Lambda Literary Awards winners (Gay and Lesbian Fiction)?

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Alan HollinghurstGay Debut Fiction (1989)
Edmund WhiteGay Fiction (1989)
Madelyn ArnoldLesbian Debut Fiction (1989)
Dorothy AllisonLesbian Fiction (1989)
John WeirGay Debut Fiction (1990)
David B. FeinbergGay Fiction (1990)
Patricia R. SchwartzLesbian Debut Fiction (1990)
Nisa DonnellyLesbian Fiction (1990)
Lev RaphaelGay Debut Fiction (1991)
Allen BarnettGay Fiction (1991)
Cherry MuhanjiLesbian Debut Fiction (1991)
Paula MartinacLesbian Fiction (1991)
Harlan GreeneGay Fiction (1992)
Jewelle GomezLesbian Fiction (1992)
Blanche McCrary BoydLesbian Fiction (1992)
Randall KenanGay Fiction (1993)
Judith KatzLesbian Fiction (1993)
Joseph HansenGay Fiction (1994)
Jeanette WintersonLesbian Fiction (1994)
Alan HollinghurstGay Fiction (1995)
Rebecca BrownLesbian Fiction (1995)
Michael CunninghamGay Fiction (1996)
Jacqueline WoodsonLesbian Fiction (1996)
Shyam SelvaduraiGay Fiction (1997)
Achy ObejasLesbian Fiction (1997)
Aryeh Lev StollmanGay Fiction (1998)
Elana DykewomonLesbian Fiction (1998)
Mark MerlisGay Fiction (1999)
Dorothy AllisonLesbian Fiction (1999)
Matthew StadlerGay Fiction (2000)
Sarah WatersLesbian Fiction (2000)
K.M. SoehnleinGay Fiction (2001)
Michelle TeaLesbian Fiction (2001)
Allan GurganusGay Fiction (2002)
Achy ObejasLesbian Fiction (2002)
Jamie O'NeillGay Fiction (2003)
Sarah WatersLesbian Fiction (2003)
Christopher BramGay Fiction (2004)
Nina RevoyrLesbian Fiction (2004)
Blair MastbaumGay Debut Fiction (2005)
Colm TóibínGay Fiction (2005)
Judith FrankLesbian Debut Fiction (2005)
Stacey D'ErasmoLesbian Fiction (2005)
Vestal McIntyreGay Debut Fiction (2006)
Dennis CooperGay Fiction (2006)
Ali LiebegottLesbian Debut Fiction (2006)
Abha DawesarLesbian Fiction (2006)
Robert WestfieldGay Debut Fiction & Gay Fiction (2007)
Ellis AveryLesbian Debut Fiction (2007)
Sarah WatersLesbian Fiction (2007)
Christopher KellyGay Debut Fiction (2008)
André AcimanGay Fiction (2008)
Aoibheann SweeneyLesbian Debut Fiction (2008)
Ali LiebegottLesbian Fiction (2008)
Shawn Stewart RuffGay Debut Fiction (2009)
Scott HeimGay Fiction (2009)
Magdalena ZurawskiLesbian Debut Fiction (2009)
Emma DonoghueLesbian Fiction (2009)
Chandra MayorLesbian Fiction (2009)
Rakesh SatyalGay Debut Fiction (2010)
Vestal McIntyreGay Fiction (2010)
Rhiannon ArgoLesbian Debut Fiction (2010)
Jill MaloneLesbian Fiction (2010)
David PrattGay Debut Fiction (2011)
Adam HaslettGay Fiction (2011)
Amber DawnLesbian Debut Fiction (2011)
Eileen MylesLesbian Fiction (2011)
Rahul MehtaGay Debut Fiction (2012)
Colm TóibínGay Fiction (2012)
Laurie WeeksLesbian Debut Fiction (2012)
Farzana DoctorLesbian Fiction (2012)
Benjamin Alire SáenzGay Fiction (2013)
Thrity UmrigarLesbian Fiction (2013)
Mia McKenzieLGBT Debut Fiction (2013)

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