Language of Christian Worship

Can you name the terms used in Christian Worship?

The place for baptism, sometimes designed with eight sides
An actual shell or one made of a precious metal for pouring the water
A small pitcher used to pour water into the font bowl
A small plate use for the distribution of the Host
Bread (wafer) used in Holy Communion
A small box, usually made of precious metal, for storing the hosts on the altar
A small box, usually made of precious metal, for storing the hosts on the altar
In the same shape as the chalice but with a cover, it has the same function as the Host box
The cup used for the distribution of the wine in Holy Communion
A glass decanter used to store the wine on the altar
A larger pitcher made of a precious metal used to store the wine on the altar
A linen cloth, often 12” by 18”, on which the communion vessels are placed on the altar
A large linen cloth which covers the communion vessels on the altar
A small linen napkin used to clean the chalice during the distribution
A plain white garment considered to be the historic vestment for Christian worship
A cloth rope that may be worn at the waist with an alb
Matching the liturgical color of the day, this yoke-like garment is the symbol of ordination and the pastoral office
A poncho-like garment worn by the presiding minister at a service with Holy Communion
A form-fitting black garment often worn under a surplice which may also be worn without the surplice on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday
A stylized version of an alb worn over a cassock
A typical black robe, also known as a black Geneva, which in some places of WELS is still the standard vestment
A black robe so named because the practice in Calvin’s Geneva was to wear standard street clothes and not the historic vestments at worship
A pulpit robe adorned with academic paraphernalia
A cross worn by a minister over his vestment at about chest level
The place for the people in a church building
The place in which the altar and ambo (and sometimes the font) are positioned
Often used to describe the church as opposed to narthex or educational wing; also used to speak of the chancel
A room near the chancel where the ministers prepare for worship
A room near the chancel where worship materials are prepared and stored
Some use this word to describe either of the above
A foyer which divides the church entrance from the nave
A larger space that divides the entrance from the nave but also functions as a congregation’s “living room”
In a cross-shaped church, the “arms” of the nave
A place in or near the chancel in which the choir sings, usually in pew sections facing each other perpendicular to the altar
Symbolizing both the Ark of the Covenant and the Communion Table, this is the focal point of the chancel and is made of wood or stone
The top of the altar
The back of the altar, rising above the altar and accentuating its central position
The rack on which the altar books rests
Raised “above” worshipers for ease in seeing and hearing, this is the historic and now restored place for the reading and preaching of the Word
The traditional word for the place for preaching
The traditional word for the place for reading
The same as lectern
A kneeling bench for clergy
Cross with a corpus
The body of Jesus in wood or precious metals
Oil burning lights that hang above the chancel symbolizing the presence of Christ
A large candle placed on a large base lighted during the Easter Season and for Holy Baptism and Christian Funeral
A shelf in the chancel on which communion vessels or offering plates may be placed when not in use
Richly designed fabrics that hang from the altar and ambo (and the stole) displaying the liturgical colors and Christians symbols
A large linen placed on top of the mensa
A sink that drains to a bed of gravel in which the chalice wine leftover from Holy Communion is poured
A person, often a young boy or girl, who lights the altar candles and may carry a torch in the Service of Light (Evening Prayer)
A man who reads the Scripture Lessons who is not the presiding minister
A cross with a long staff carried in processions
A large candle with a long staff carried in processions
The person who carries the processional cross
The person who carries a processional torch
Used by some Lutherans in Evening Prayer and Compline as a symbol for prayer
The small pot in which the charcoal and incense are placed and burn
A censor on a chain for carrying
The person who carries and uses the thurible
A large linen cloth that covers a casket in Christian Funeral
An ornately decorated book in which is kept a copy of the four Gospels
A procession in which the Gospel Book is carried to the midst of the congregation and read among the people
A book containing (or a list of) the lessons appointed for the Sundays and festivals of the Christian year
A book containing the usual rites of a church body (Occasional Services)
A set of daily services with its roots in the monastery
The main morning service of the Daily Office (Morning Praise)
The main evening service of the Daily Office (Evening Prayer)
The last service of the Daily Office (Prayer at the Close of Day)
Days commemorating less important events in Jesus’ early life, the lives of the apostles, and notable events in the history of the Church
A set of five song texts that from the skeleton of the liturgy: Kyrie, Gloria, Credo, Sanctus, and Agnus Dei
A set of readings, psalms, prayers, and hymns that match the focus of the day’s Gospel and change according to the church year
Instructions for conducting and participating in worship
The Sunday before Easter on which the Scriptures of the Lord’s Passion were first read in Christian churches, replaced in WELS with Palm Sunday
A service of darkness on Good Friday
The time between 6:00 p.m. on Maundy Thursday until 6:00 p.m. on Easter Sunday encompassing the events in the Savior’s life from the Institution of the Meal on Thursday to his ap
The culmination of the ancient Catechuminate, this service offered baptism to new Christians and focused on the connection between baptism and Easter

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