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'I feel the need- a need for speed' is a quote from what film?Quotes
Which team won the 2015/16 English Premier League?Sport
Name a country that borders LuxembourgGeography
What is the name of the building in which 'The Fantastic Four' resideComics
'Stars' and 'One Day More' are songs from which musicalMusicals
What is the SI unit for temperatureScience
What does URL stand for?Computing
What make of car was Mrs Hudson's in BBC's SherlockTelevision
Which video game features the enemy 'Gnoll Hunter'Video Games
'Hallelujah' is a song written by which Canadian recording artistMusic
What is the name of the prisoner on the jail space in MonopolyBoard Games
What was the name of the largest rebellion ever faced by a Tudor monarchHistory
In Harry Potter, who is the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher in Harry's fourth yearLiterature
What is the name for a line which goes from one side of a circle to another (doesn't have to be through the centre)Maths
In terms of wood, What does MDF stand for Manufacture
A light year is a measurement ofPhysics
Which celebrity had the most twitter followers at the end on 2016Internet
Who is the first character to speak in Star WarsMovies
Which Disney character says 'Does my face not remind you of what grown man can do?'Animated Movies
What group of animals is called an 'array'Animals and Nature

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