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15 Classical Mysteries of the Rosary
14 Stations of the Cross (Traditional Form)
13 People at the Last Supper
12 Fruits of the Holy Spirit
11 Holy Days of Obligation in Canon 1246
Every Week 
January 1 
January 6 
March 19 
Thursday of Sixth Week of Easter 
Thursday after Trinity Sunday 
June 29 
August 15 
November 1 
December 8 
December 25 
10 Commandments
You shall have no ___ ___ before me 
You shall not take the ___of the Lord your God in vain 
Remember the ___ ___, to keep it holy 
Honor your ___ ___ ___ 
You shall not ___ 
You shall not commit ___ 
You shall not ___ 
You shall not ___ ___ ___ against your neighbor 
You shall not covet thy neighbor's ___ 
You shall not covet thy neighbor's ___ 
9 Choirs of Angels
8 Beatitudes
Blessed are the ___ ___ ___, for theirs is the kingdom of Heaven. 
Blessed are the ___: for they shall posses the land.  
Blessed are they who ___: for they shall be comforted  
Blessed are they that hunger and thirst after ___: for they shall have their fill  
Blessed are the ___: for they shall obtain mercy  
Blessed are the ___ ___ ___: for they shall see God  
Blessed are the ___: for they shall be called children of God  
Blessed are they that are ___ for justice' sake, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven 
7 Sacraments
6 Sins Against the Holy Spirit
5 Luminous Mysteries
4 Cardinal Virtues
3 Pillars of Church Authority
2 Greatest Commandments
To love the ___ ___ ___ with all thy heart, soul, mind and strength.  
To love thy ___ as thyself.  
1 Holy, _________, Apostolic Church

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