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Forced Order
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Who shot Ezra?
Who did Aria shot in the Theater?
For who did Alison give her fake Id?
Who help the girls to get to Alison?
Who knew the hole time that Ali wasn't dead?
Who was the girl in Ali's grave?
Who knew what happend to Beathany Joung?
Who knew about Mellisa's secret?
What sport would Hanna did without A?
Who was joining Mona to take revenge on Ali?
Who did Ezra paid for information about Ali?
Who send Ali's first text?
Who went to London to Mellisa for information?
Who were also in New Jork?
Who went trough Mrs. D email?
What pet did Mrs. D adoped before she went missing?
What are Mona handing out at school?
Who found Mrs.D's body?
Who went with Mona to Radley for answers?
Who started working at Radley?
Who Slapped Mona?
Who joined the Police?
Who do the girls think is A?
Did Mrs.D knew Beathaney?
Who is the new Girl?
Who is Sydney secratley friend with?
With whom is Jenna in a team with against Ali?
Who made Hanna chainged her attitude?
Who is back in town?
Who is Mellisa back with?

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