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SkillsMelee accuracy
 Melee damage
 Resistance to damage
 Projectile damage
 Mystical damage
 Divine protection
 Create magical ammunition
 Build furniture and housing
 Cross shortcuts and pass traps
 Brew potions
 Steal money and items
 Make armor, pottery, and jewelry
 Create ranging weapons and ammunition
 Defeat strange creatures
 Trap animals
 Extract ore
 Make metal armor and weapons
 Catch seafood
 Create quality food
 Harvest wood
 Ignite wood
 Grow plants
 Conjure creatures
 Delve into the depths
 Conjure boons and resource nodes
GodsElder goddess of time
 Elder goddess of constancy
 Elder evil creator god
 God of balance
 God of order and wisdom
 God of chaos
 Goddess of peace and growth
 God of control
 God of war
 God of justice
 God of the monkeys
 God of cabbages
 Bestial boar-like goddess
 God of the sun
 Goddess of fertility and growth
 God of the dead
 Goddess of destruction
 Goddess of friendship and sociality
 Goddess of resourcefulness and modesty
 God of strength and health
 God of wisdom and isolation
MahjarratCamel headed
 'Champion of Zaros'
 Built Daemonheim
 Only female Mahjarrat
 Mentor of Khazard
 Sacrificed at 18th ritual
 Youngest Mahjarrat
 Neutral, created Balmung
 Near godhood until his defeat by the dragonkin
 Serpent tongued, godhood debatable
 Ali the wise
 Necromancer, controlled Arrav
BossesUnder Falador park, likes to burrow
 Triple-headed black dragon
 Ranged dagannoth
 Magic dagannoth
 Melee dagannoth
 Wilderness, Eldritch abomination
 Desert boss, uses protection prayers
 Guthix based, order of ascension
 Devours summon energy
 Massive dragon
 Desert boss, has a OHKO
 Current strongest enemy, constantly changes tactics
 Saradomin general
 Zamorakian general
 Armadylian general
 Bandosian general
 Zarosian general
 Translates to 'Obsidian Fire Elemental', rewards fire cape
 Translates to 'Holy/Sacred Kraken', rewards Tokhaar-Kal
Rune TypesAltar locations, near Varrock
 Lumbridge swamp
 Near sawmill
 Al Kharid
 Near goblin village
 Near the monastery
 Temple of light
 Lunar Isle
 N|A, made from air runes
 Air + water
 Air + earth
 Earth + water
 Air + fire
 Water + fire
 Earth + fire
 Not implemented
Major SettlementsOld starting town for new adventurers
 Town that a haunted manor looms over
 Large human settlement run by a king
 City of the white knights
 Small town near the wilderness edge
 City bordering the desert
 Home of the druids
 Military base at war with trolls
 Small fishing village
 Home to mystics near Camelot
 Large Fremennik settlement
 Underground dwarf capital
 Island of mages shunned by the Fremennik
 Isolated island with you as their leader
 Islands at petty war with each other
 Peaceful island of monks
 Troll capital
 Bustling human market town
 The plague ridden town
 City bordering ogre territory
 Ogre capital
 A nice relaxing spa
 A gnome settlement at war with khazards men
 The Gnome capital
 A small elven town
 Large crystal elven city, currently unreachable
 Tropical town of pirates and sailors
 Jungle settlement fending off a curse
 The monkey capital
 Desert town that houses menaphites
 Small desert settlement that sells choc-ice
 City of pyramids and plagues
 City shrouded in mystery, only accessible below
 Town of werewolves
 Town with a strange affliction
 Deprived city on it's last legs
 Vampyre capital and human feeding ground
 Home of pirates, rum, and strange apes
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