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Pokemon with the abilityAbilityDescription
Eevee, Porygon-Z, BasculinPowers up moves of the same type
Mega PinsirNormal type moves become flying type moves
Drifblim, SkuntankDamages the foe landing the finishing hit
RayquazaEliminates the effects of weather
Magneton, Starmie, WatchogIf you are last to attack, the move becomes more powerful
Primeape, TaurosRaises attack upon taking a critical hit
Toxicroak, Whiscash, WormadamSenses the foe's dangerous moves
Dugtrio, TrapinchPrevents the foe from fleeing
AromatisseProtects allies from attacks that affect their mental state
ZygardeThe effects of aura abilities are reversed
DarkraiReduces a sleeping foe's HP
Kabutops, Armaldo, DrapionThe Pokemon is protected against critical hits
Unfezant, Swanna, MandibuzzIt's defence cannot be lowered
Charizard, Typhlosion, BlazikenPowers up fire-type moves in a pinch
ChesnaughtProtects the Pokemon from some ball and bomb moves
Diggersby, DedenneRestores HP as well when the Pokemon eats a berry
Vileplume, Jumpluff, TropiusBoosts the Pokemon's speed in sunshine
Tentacruel, Metagross, CarbinkPrevents the Pokemon's stats from being lowered
GolduckEliminates the effects of weather
KecleonChanges the Pokemon's type to the foe's move
Wigglytuff, Milotic, GothitelleBoosts the Sp. Atk stat when a stat is lowered
Butterfree, Galvantula, VivillonRaises the Pokemon's accuracy by 30%
MalamarIt reverses changes to it's stats
JellicentIf it is attacked, it will occasionally cause the attacking move to be disabled
Clefable, Delcatty, LopunnyContact with the Pokemon may cause infatuation
Poliwrath, Quagsire, GolduckPrevents combatants from self destructing
YveltalPowers up each Pokemon's dark-type moves
ArcheopsIf it's HP drops below 50%, it's attack decreases
BisharpIf it's stats are lowered, it's attack increases
Porygon-Z, GenesectAdjusts power according to the foe's ability
KyogreThe Pokemon makes it rain if it appears in battle
Mega Charizard, GroudonThe Pokemon makes it sunny if it appears in battle
Parasect, Toxicroak, HelioliskReduces HP if it is hot. Water restores HP.
Kangaskhan, Xatu, ShiftryThe Pokemon awakens quickly from sleep
Parasect, Breloom, AmoongusContact may paralyze, poison, or cause sleep
XerneasPowers up each Pokemon's fairy-type moves
Mega Aggron, Mr. MimePowers down super-effective moves
Magcargo, Chandelure, VolcaronaContact with the Pokemon may burn the foe
DrifblimWhen it's burnt the power of it's special attacks rise
Ninetales, Flareon, HeatmorPowers up fire-type moves if hit by a fire move
CherrimPowers up party Pokemon when it is sunny
FlorgesPrevents lowering of ally grass-type Pokemon's stats
CastformTransforms with the weather
Hypno, Jynx, MusharnaDetermines what moves the foe has
Clefairy, Jigglypuff, VivillonIt can lower the damage received by a teammate
Stantler, Banette, GourgeistThe Pokemon can check the foe's held item
FurfrouHalves damage from physical moves
TalonflameGives priority to flying-type moves
Shuckle, Linoone, SimisageEncourages the early use of a held berry
GoodraContact with the Pokemon lowers the attacker's speed stat
GogoatBoosts the defense stat when the terrain is grass
Raticate, Ursaring, HariyamaBoosts attack if there is a status problem
Exeggutor, Tropius, TrevenantThe same berry can be reused infinitely within one battle
Audino, Alomomola, AromatisseIt will occasionally heal the teammate's status problems
BronzongWeakens the power of fire-type moves
Aggron, BronzongThis Pokemon's weight is doubled
CombeeThe Pokemon may gather honey from somewhere
Azumarill, Mega MawileRaises the Pokemon's attack stat
Corsola, Delibird, DurantBoosts the attack stat, but lowers accuracy
Dewgong, Accelgor, GoodraHeals status problem if it is raining
Kingler, Crawdaunt, GliscorPrevents the attack stat from being lowered
Glalie, Walrein, VanilluxeThe Pokemon regains HP in a hailstorm
Starmie, Lanturn, WatchogRaises the likelihood of meeting wild Pokemon
Pokemon with the abilityAbilityDescription
ZoroarkYou transform into the Pokemon behind you and then come out into the field
Snorlax, ZangoosePrevents the Pokemon from being poisoned
DittoYou transform into the Pokemon in front of you - ie your opponent
Whimsicott, Meowstic, NoivernYou slip through the opponents walls and attack
Dragonite, Lucario, MienshaoThe Pokemon is protected from flinching
Noctowl, Ariados, HonchkrowPrevents the Pokemon from falling asleep
Arbok, Salamence, StoutlandLowers the foe's attack stat
FerrothornIf this Pokemon is touched, the opponent will receive damage
Hitmonchan, Golurk, PangoroBoosts the power of punching moves
Cobalion, Terrakion, VirizionAttack raises if you are hit by a dark-type attack
Furret, Sableye, BraviaryPrevents the Pokemon from losing accuracy
Lopunny, Swoobat, GolurkThe Pokemon can't use any held items
Tangrowth, Jumpluff, LeafeonPrevents status problems in sunny weather
Weezing, Flygon, ChimechoGives full immunity to all ground-type moves
Scizor, Metagross, RegisteelThis Pokemon's weight is halved
Marowak, Rhydon, ManectricThe Pokemon draws in all electric-type moves
Liepard, Stunfisk, HawluchaThe Pokemon is protected from paralysis
Tentacruel, SwalotInflicts damage on foes using any draining move
Mega AbsolIt can reflect the effect of stat-changing moves
Clefable, Sigilyph, ReuniclusThe Pokemon only takes damage from attacks
Delphox, KlefkiThe Pokemon steals the held item of a Pokemon it hits with a move
Magcargo, CameruptPrevents the Pokemon from becoming frozen
Magnezone, ProbopassPrevents steel-type Pokemon from escaping
MiloticBoosts defence if there is a status problem
Mega Blastoise, ClawitzerPowers up aura and pulse moves
Minun, KlinklangBoosts Sp.Atk if another Pokemon has Plus
Rampardos, Haxorus, PangoroMoves can be used regardless of abilities
Octillery, Smeargle, BibarelIt's stats go up and down
Electivire, ZebstrikaRaises speed if hit by an electric-type move
Krookodile, ScraftyAttack rises when you knock out an opponent
Dragonite, LugiaWhen this Pokemon is at full HP, damage is lessened
ArceusChanges type to match the held plate
CofagrigusIf you are touched by an opponent, you make their ability mummy
Blissey, Altaria, RoseradeAll status problems are healed upon switching out
Machamp, DoubladeEnsures the Pokemon and it's foes attacks land
DelcattyAll the Pokemon's moves become normal-type
Slowking, Wailord, WhiscashPrevents the Pokemon from becoming infatuated
Reuniclus, MandibuzzIt will not take damage from weather effects
Venusaur, Meganium, SceptilePowers up grass-type moves in a pinch
Grumpig, Purugly, AvaluggPrevents the Pokemon from becoming confused
Mega KangaskhanParent and child attack together
Shiftry, Weavile, BarbaracleIt steals the item of an opponent that touches it
Pachirisu, Diggersby, GourgeistThe Pokemon may pick up items
Mega GardevoirNormal-type moves become fairy-type moves
Plusle, KlinklangBoosts Sp.Atk if another Pokemon has Minus
BreloomRestores HP if the Pokemon is poisoned
Nidoking, Nidoqueen, ScolipedeContact with the Pokemon may poison the foe
Seismitoad, DragalgeThe opponent can become poisoned just by touching this Pokemon
Mega Banette, Whimsicott, KlefkiNon-attacking moves have a higher speed priority
Mewtwo, Ho-oh, PalkiaThe Pokemon raises the foe's PP usage
Kecleon, GreninjaChanges the Pokemon's type to the type of the move it's using
Mega MedichamBoosts the power of physical attacks
Granbull, Ursaring, MightyenaBoosts speed if there is a status problem
LudicoloThe Pokemon gradually recovers HP in rain
Magikarp, Sudowoodo, DunsparceThere are types you are self conscious around of and raise your speed
Hitmonlee, Basculin, BouffalantPowers up moves that have recoil damage
AurorusNormal-type moves become ice-type moves
Audino, Mienshao, TornadusHP is restored when you switch out
Luxray, Haxorus, PyroarRaises attack if the foe is of the same gender
Golem, Steelix, RelicanthProtects the Pokemon from recoil damage
Sharpedo, DruddigonInflicts damage on the foe on contact
Rapidash, Dodrio, FurretEnables sure getaway from wild Pokemon
Mega Garchomp, Excadrill, LandorusCertain moves will increase in power during a sandstorm
Pokemon with the abilityAbilityDescription
Stoutland, ExcadrillSpeed rises in a sandstorm
Tyranitar, HippowdonThe Pokemon summons a sandstorm in battle
Cacturne, Gliscor, HelioliskBoosts the Pokemon's evasion in a sandstorm
Sawsbuck, Gogoat, GoodraAttack rises if hit with a grass-type attack
Kangaskhan, MiltankEnables moves to hit ghost-type foes
Blissey, Jirachi, MeloettaBoosts the likelihood of added effects appearing
Mega Gengar, WobbuffetPrevents the foe from escaping
Arbok, Seviper, ScraftyThe Pokemon may heal its own status problems
Conkeldurr, Druddigon, DarmanitanAttacks gain power, but lose their secondary effect
Cloyster, Omastar, CrustleThe Pokemon is protected against critical hits
Venomoth, Dustox, VivillonBlocks the added effects of attacks taken
Numel, BibarelThe Pokemon is prone to wild stat changes
Cloyster, Mega HeracrossIncreases the frequency of multi-strike moves
RegigigiasTemporarily halves attack and speed
Octillery, Drapion, KingdraPowers up moves if they become critical hits
Glaceon, Froslass, BearticRaises evasion in a hailstorm
AbomasnowThe Pokemon summons a hailstorm in battle
Sunflora, Mega Houndoom, TropiusBoosts Sp.Atk, but lowers HP in sunshine
Camerupt, Rhyperior, CarracostaPowers down super effective moves
Electrode, Mr. Mime, ExploudGives full immunity to all sound-based moves
Mega Blaziken, Yanmega, NinjaskThe Pokemon's speed stat is gradually boosted
SableyeThe Pokemon moves after even slower foes
AegislashThe Pokemon changes form depending on how it battles
Raichu, Ampharos, EmolgaContact the Pokemon may cause paralysis
Mega Mewtwo, Lucario, GalladeRasies speed each time the Pokemon flinches
Muk, Skuntank, GarbodorThe stench helps keep wild Pokemon away
Swalot, Gastrodon, AccelgorProtects the Pokemon from item theft
Gastrodon, LumineonThe Pokemon draws in all water-type moves
TyrantrumThe Pokemon's strong jaw gives it tremendous biting power
Forretress, Bastiodon, GigalithThe Pokemon is protected against 1-hit KO attacks
Octillery, Cradily, MalamarNegates moves that force switching out
Absol, Honchkrow, UnfezantHeightens the critical-hit ratio of moves
Heracross, Mothim, ScolipedePowers up bug-type moves in a pinch
SlurpuffPrevents ally Pokemon from falling asleep
Seaking, Mantine, FloatzelBoosts the Pokemon's speed in rain
FlorgesThe Pokemon can pass an item to an ally
Alakazam, Gardevoir, MusharnaPasses on a burn, paralysis, or poison to the foe
Pidgeot, Spinda, ChatotRaises evasion if the Pokemon is confused
Mega Scizor, Ambipom, CinccinoPowers up the Pokemon's weaker moves
BeheeyemIt reads the mind of it's teammates and is unaffected by their attacks
Zekrom, KyuremIt can attack the opponent regardless of their ability
Mega Venusaur, Walrein, GrumpigRaises resistance to fire and ice-type moves
Venomoth, Illumise, YanmegaPowers up 'not very effective' moves
Blastoise, Feraligatr, SwampertPowers up water-type moves in a pinch
Mega Charizard, Mega Aerodactyl, BarbaraclePowers up moves that make direct contact
ZangooseWhen poisoned, the power of it's physical moves rises
Mega Alakazam, Porygon2, GardevoirThe Pokemon copies it's foe's ability
SlakingThe Pokemon can't attack on consecutive turns
Reshiram, KyuremIt can attack the opponent regardless of their ability
Bibarel, SwoobatIgnores any change in ability by the foe
Drifblim, Liepard, HawluchaRaises speed if a held item is used
Galvantula, PyroarYou make the opponent tense and won't let them eat their berry
VictiniYou and your teammates receive an accuracy increase
Primeape, Delibird, VigorothPrevent the Pokemon from falling asleep
Jolteon, Lanturn, ThundurusRestores HP if hit by an electric-type move
Lapras, Maractus, JellicentRestores HP if hit by a water-type move
Seaking, WailordPrevents the Pokemon from getting a burn
GarbodorWhen hit with physical attacks, it's defence is lowered, but it's speed increased
TorkoalPrevents the Pokemon's stats from being lowered
ShedinjaOnly super effective moves will hit
SigilyphYour body makes it difficult to take stat-changing moves
DarmanitanYour form will change when in a pinch

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