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Can you name the things that start with O?

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A polygon with 8 sides
Overweight, very fat
A liscensed professional who practices medical work on eyes
A disorder in which the bones become brittle and weak
A tapering, 4-sided shaft of stone
A reverse, an antonym
A form of government in which all power is vested in a few persons or in a dominant class
Usually a detective, a secret agent, or spy
A self-contradictory statement
Imitation of a sound, 'Honk', 'Boom', 'Pow'
'Be sure to drink your ________'. A drink mix
The greatest degree or best result
Foreboding, threatening
Not clear or plain, vague or uncertain
The only marsupial of North America
A narcotic drug from the dried juice of poppies
The gill cover of fishes and amphibians
To burden with cruel or unjust restraints,
Killed his father and blinded himself with his mother's brooches

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