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Can you name the words that start with C?

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The word used for something that only eats meat
A leader of 100 men in the ancient Roman army
A compound found esp. in coffee and tea plants
The killing of a large number of people
A reddish-brown metal
Another name for a 'puma' or a 'mountain lion'
The study of treatments intended to restore or improve a person's appearance
'Pollo' en ingles
Made from roasted or ground cacao seeds
What gives the plants their color
Pictures in the stars
Lip Balm
A tree that bears cones
A goat's horn overflowing with food and flowers (symbol of plenty)
A geometric figure with parallel sides and 2 circular faces
A Mediterranean plant of the parsley family
A confusing and difficult problem or question
Transparent layer forming the front of the eye
A series of pages showing the days of the year
A positively charged ion

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