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Can you name the answer to each Hetalia facts?

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Forced Order
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This country has a dog named Hanatamago.
The sound Romano/S.Italy makes whenever his hair curl is pulled.
Hello Kitty rip off.
Canada's birthday.
Who else fought England for ownership of America?
America has a pet alien named...
Whenever England tries to summon the devil, he instead summons this country.
Hanatamago wishes she had a normal name like 'Charlotte' or 'Marianne' because her name means...
America is scared of a certain children's cartoon character.
Hungary and this country constantly fights.
Switzerland has 3 pets named Mönch, Jungfrau and Eigar. What are these pets?
Because of Mr. Puffin, Iceland can tolerate this country. They are both equally annoying to him.
Hong Kong is scared of...
This country doesn't know how to smile.
Out of all the Italians, this brother is most successful at flirting with girls.
The flower in Hungary's hair represents what?
France has __ birds all named Pierre.
Seychelles can't ___.
The reason for Spain's constant happiness is the _________ that casts over his land.
N.Italy has a lighter hair color than Romano/S.Italy because he has _________ blood in him.
Romano/S.Italy has a darker hair color than N.Italy because he has _______ blood in him.
When asked by Russia why he is so small, Latvia says he would've been ___ inches taller if Russia didn't squish him so much.
Spain actually proposed to this country when gay marriage was legalized in his country.
Turkey and Netherlands have fought over what title?
This country has been found staring at TV static for 3 hours.
Prussia hates the word '_____' and any other words that sounds like it.
France's national flower is the ____, not the rose which is America's national flower.
This country was the first to use the term 'vital regions', not Prussia.
The name Italy Veneziano comes from which Italian city?
The name Italy Romano comes from which Italian city?
Poland's pony is voiced by the same people who voiced this country in both the Japanese and English adaptions.
What does America's ahoge (his cowlick) represent?
Hetalia Day is on October 24 because it shares the same day as...
Hetalia basically means...
France believes you can't force ___ on somebody.
This country is surprisingly a very heavy drinker.
What does the '50' on America's jacket represents?
The mochi countries all belong to this country.
This country is actually sadistic.
Prussia once asked N.Italy on a date but Italy was too distracted by ______ to pay attention.
The Italian brothers' birthday.
Iceland's and Norway's birthdays are only a month apart. Norway's is on May __ and Iceland's is on June __.
Ladonia's favorite pokémon is...
Norway's curl represents...
It is said that when this country is drunk, he is so scary that he can change Sweden's expression.
Belarus has created a fan blog for...
This country usually questions the universe and then is put in a depressed state.
When people asks this country what his/her gender is, he/she responds with 'What do YOU think?'.
Finland loves _____ and spent one Christmas there.
Ladonia's scar is actually...
Belarus is skilled at cooking...
This country does not wear glasses due to bad vision, he believes he looks plain without them.
Although Prussia is older than Germany, he is shorter due to his poor ________.
Hanatamago can speak on what holiday?
This country is enemies with Sealand and shares the same birthday as Wy.
_____, a nickname for Prussia, means 'pitiful'.
Seychelles, Canada and Sealand make up the ________ Trio.
This country told Russia that Kievan Rus was successful because of them.
Fairytail princesses bring out this country's romantic side.
France has stated that he is afraid of __________, along with Germany, Russia, Switzerland, a mad England and even possibly Turkey.

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