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Can you name the Righteous of the Nations as proclaimed by Yad Vashem?

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How they helped during the HolocaustRighteous GentileNation
Formally protected 10,000+ Hungarian Jews from deportation to concentration campsSwitzerland, at the time dishonored by his own country
Posed as Spanish-Consul general to Hungary, saving thousands of Jewish livesItaly
Sheltering Jewish refugees Lived many places, Greece during the war
A Pastor who urged his christian congregation to shelter Jewish refugees, actively assisted in the rescue of JewsFrance
Polish underground, saved 2,500 Jewish children from Warsaw GhettoPoland
Protection of rights of Romanian citizens living abroad, regardless of ethnicityRomania
British Secret Intelligence service, provided passports for Jewish families, after the war hunted ex-SSUnited Kingdom
Hid Jews in 'the Hiding Place' providing kosher food and remembering the SabbathNetherlands
Provided 3,400 transit visas for Jews, saved at least 10,000Japan, working in Lithuania, at the time dishonored by his own country for his actions
How they helped during the HolocaustRighteous GentileNation
Fierce human rights activist and campaigner against anti-semitismAustria
Commanded the 'Voyage of the Damned' trying to find refuge for 900 Jews aboard his shipGermany
Employed Jewish workers at a factory, eventually valuing their workers lives over profitGermany
Hid Anne Frank and her family Netherlands
Churchill Club, Hvidsten Group, Bopa resistance groups, collectively recognized asDenmark
Assisted in the rescue of 100+ Jewish childrenBelgium
Siblings, of the White Rose movementGermany
Issued passports and housed 10,000+ Hungarian JewsSweden
Saved 30,000 people from Nazi's by transit visa, 12,000 were JewsPortugal, at the time dishonored by his own country for his actions

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