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LineHeroExtra Line
Hahaha, first blood! That sets the perfect note.
Hahaha. First Blood is a knight's great honor!
First blood! Arrrarharhar!
Ah ha! First Blood!
First blood. More shall come.
First blood! Ha ha!Aw, I was fond of them!
First blood, a fundamental principle of warfare.
First blood, hehehehaah!We all owe a life. I take yours.
First blood! The gods were right to place their trust in me.
First Blood! Did you mean to do that?
Last of my kind but first in this.
How quickly chaos spreads.
First Blood…from a stone. Ha ha ha ha!
First Blood! Ha ha ha ha ha!What time is it? It's killing time.
First Blood! An offering worthy of the House Avernus.
First blood! And that is how we do things in the north! Ha ha ha ha ha!
Shall we call this off and have a friendly round?
First Blood. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.To the Darkest Vale with you.
First blood. I foresee a great deal more.
First blood, heheah hah heh! Nyx, Nyx.
NoneHere's ice in your eye!
Blood in the water!
First blood, ehha hehee!My deepest sympathies.
May this blood run deep to heal the world's wounds.
First blood, with a poison twist.
NoneTakes one to shoot one.
On to my next victim.
Ah, first blood, and so much more shall soon be spilled!
The dragon draws first blood.
First Blood, and it's already icing over!
*musical pattern*
Well, if it ain't first bloody blood.
First Blood!/!doolB tsriF
First blood is toast.
First blood, ha! And plenty for both of us!
First blood, and a point well taken.
LineHeroExtra Line
This is well begun!
First blood! Hahahahahahaha!Pay for thy lack,
First blood, hahahahaah!I'll tear you limb from limb.
First Blood! I am the alpha wolf.
Mine by right as well as by might.
That was my first conversion!
First victim!
NoneI've got the magic touch.
First Blood! I've been wanting to say that since this all began.
I would give all this, and my blood too if it meant the Skywrath Scion were restored!
First Blood! It shall be duly noted.
First blood! And may the All-knowing one bear witness, hehehaaha!
First blood! I cut you, and I split you, and I killed you! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!
First blood! Just a little, he he he.
First Blood! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.You wither on the vine.
First blood for the Bronze Legion!
NoneIf I need a new spirit guide, I might give you a call.
I accept this honor on behalf of storms everywhere!
The first thread is cut.
First soul swimming in First Blood sauce!
Cold blooded!
First blood? What is this? I came here to be tested!
First Blood! The Twins shall not thirst for long!
In war, a fool's first lesson is his last.
With this blood I seal my promise of Dominion!
Sinner and saint bleed alike.
Blood in the water, time to feed!
First blood -- I like to start with dessert.
First blood! There's nothing more mysterious until it has been spilled.
First blood! The end is set in motion! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
First blood! Hey everyone's gotta start somewhere. Nha ha ha ha!
First Blood! Have I got juice on me chins?
First blood! For Selemene and for the Dark Moon!
First Blood! Hyahaha ha ha!I convey your spirit to the Nothl realm.
Ha ha, the blade of Axe has tasted first blood!
LineHeroExtra Line
I cannot believe that worked.
First Blood, and the atmosphere's electric!
First Blood, bagged and tagged.
Let them take this as an omen.
First blood on the sand strikes the perfect note.
First blood, Last Word. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
NoneContract complete.
First Blood…and you had better get used to it.
First Blood! The Windranger gets there first!
First blood, I thought I saw that in the forecast
First blood! Let our great combat begin!
First Blood, right off the bat! Ha ha ha!
That was but a first taste of revenge. Nn ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
First blood, first feast.
It is only right that First Blood should go to your king!
First blood! It was ours all along.
I'd love to get this under a microscope!
The first of many a blooded enemy.
First Blood. I'm on fire!
First blood, as indeed I am first in everything.
First blood! My quest begins auspiciously!
First blood, heh hah hah!Killed and cauterized.
First blood, first bite!
First blood! Oh, let this nightmare never end! Aha hahahahahahah!
First Blood! We're off to an explosive start!
Hah-hah! My claws are red with the gore of first blood!
First blood! And let there be no end to it.
First blood! From a deep-cut notch, the red sap flows.
First blood, and here come the sharks.
First blood! Now that's how it's done, kids! He he he he he!
First blood! They sing the song of death!!
First Blood! This one's gonna be a scorcher!
NoneIt was a Mercy Killing.
My hooves run red with first blood.
First Blood is the sweetest.

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