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Forced Order
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to come together at the same point from different directions; to meet
the act of escaping or avoiding by cleverness or deceit
impossible to comprehend or grasp fully; so unlikely as to be thought impossible
hateful or mocking laughter; ridicule
to give up voluntarily; to relinquish; to refrain from insisting on or enforcing
the amount of goods assigned to a person; an allotment; a number or percentage, especially of people, that represents an upper limit or required minimum
to urge with gentle repeated appeals, teasing, or flattery; to wheedle
The study of the nature, structure, and variation of language
(noun) something false and empty that is presented as genuine; a fake (adjective) not genuine; fake (verb) to put on the false appearance of; to feign
(verb) to guess; to draw a conclusion without sufficient evidence (noun) a guess; a conclusion drawn without sufficient evidence
to strive to equal or excel, especially through imitation; to approach or achieve equality with; to compete with sucessfully
having a tendency; inclined; likely to do or have something
a marked change in form, character, or function; a transformation
to avoid, especially on moral or practical grounds; to abstain from
responsible; required to answer for one's actions; explainable
to clear of guilt or blame; to relieve from a requirement or obligation
the act of going along with a request, demand, or rule; obedience
impressively great in size, force, or extent; extraordinary; marvelous
quick and skillful
unoriginal and commonplace; trite
comeradeship; lighthearted good will
lacking skill or judgement; incompetent; clumsy
required or commanded by authority
(noun) a question; an inquiry (verb) to question, often with doubt
to cancel or reverse an order or policy
of or related to the brain; appealing to or requiring the use of intelect; intellectual
to request earnestly; to implore or beg
to bring to an end or halt
Tending to vary often or widely, as in price; subject to wide variaton; inconstant; tending toward violence; explosive; evaporating readily at normal temperatures and pressures
too small to measure or calculate
to reject scornfully
to develop or achieve gradually
to discover or determine with certainty, especially through examination or experimentation
of or related to the language of the common people; crude; indecent; offensively excessive in the display of one's self or one's worth

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