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Who does Elena date first out of the Salvatore's?
Who is Katherine's doppelganger?
What is the name of Elena's birth mother?
Who killed Jenna?
Who turned Stefan & Damon into vampires?
What does the name Salvatore mean?
What state is Mystic Falls in?
Who are the originals?
How is the Lockwood curse Triggered?
Why doesn't Rebekah go to Homecoming?
What does Klaus give Caroline as a Graduation Present?
What College does Elena attend?
Who does Jules take as a hostage?
How do you become a vampire?
Who is Lexie?
In what year did Stefan and Damon become vampires?
Who is Elena's birth father?
What herb protects humans from complusion?
Who was the first person to be turned into a vampire on screen?
What is Bonnie?

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