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Can you fill in the blank in the name of the George and Ira Gershwin songs?

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The Real ________ Folk Song (Is a Rag) A
___ Not for MeB
I've Got a _____ on YouC
A Foggy ___D
___________ YouE
___________ RhythmF
How Long Has This Been _____ OnG
Love Is ____ to StayH
Isn't __ a PityI
____ Another RhumbaJ
Aren't You ____ of Glad We Did?K
Oh, ____ Be Good!L
They Can't Take That Away from __M
____ Work If You Can Get ItN
Someone to Watch ____ MeO
I Got ______ O' Nuttin'P
_____ a PartyQ
I Got ______R
_____ We DanceS
Of ____ I SingT
Let’s Kiss and Make __ U
C’est La ___V
Let's Call the _____ Thing Off W
There’s More to the Kiss Than the _-_-_X
Bess, ___ Is My Woman NowY
Pep! ___! And Punch!Z

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