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Can you fill in the blank in the name of the Harold Arlen songs?

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Let's Take a Walk ______ the BlockA
Between the Devil and the Deep ____ SeaB
I _____ Go On Singing (Till The Cows Come Home)C
Ding-Dong! The Witch Is ____D
For _____ Man There's a WomanE
Let's ____ in LoveF
___ HappyG
If I Only ___ a BrainH
___ WindI
Dreamin' Suits Me ____ FineJ
If I Were ____ of the ForestK
Down with ____L
The ___ that Got AwayM
Last _____ When We Were YoungN
We're ___ to See the WizardO
It's Only a _____ MoonP
In Your Own _____ WayQ
Over the _______R
It Was Written in the _____S
Happiness Is a _____ Called JoeT
Long Ago, Far Away, Once ____ A TimeU
C'est La ___V
Stormy _______W
Follow the ______ Brick RoadY

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