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In Pixel Perfect, which body part did Roscoe take from Samantha to make Loretta?
What Disney Channel Original Series were turned into DCOMs?
What city does The Ultimate Christmas Present take place in?
Which DCOM did Camilla Belle star in?
Where do Ariel and Cosmo Cola CLAIM to be from in Stepsister from Planet Weird?
What famous child star was used in Phantom of the Megaplex?
In Get a Clue, what do they discover to be worth the missing $10,000,000?
What is the most popular sport featured in DCOMs?
What was the mantra used in Gotta Kick it Up?
What car does EVERYONE drive on Earth in Zenon?
In the Luck of the Irish, what does the grandfather have on the bottom of his shoe?
Name the DCOM's Ryan Merriman has been in.
Can you name all the quints in Quints?
What is the name of computer that runs the house in Smart House?
What DCOM was taken off the air because it was deemed 'too scary?'
What is the name of the Country Club in High School Musical 2?
What mode of transportation does the mother use in Up, Up and Away
What DCOM's star real life sisters?
In The Color of Friendship,Mahree Bok travels from _______ to _______.
What is the saying that Johnny and his Grandpa use in Johnny Tsunami?
Disney Channel originally planned on releasing 12 DCOM's a year. What was the only year that this actually happened?

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